Do you have a 'living dead' website?

By Dave Turner

Many individuals and organizations spend considerable time and resources to launch a website, only to check that item off of the to-do list and get on with business. The problem is that a website has to change frequently with a supply of new content, or it becomes a site of the living dead. By that I mean the static content by design, on some pages at least, never or rarely changes because there's really nothing else to say. It's been drafted and finessed and approved. There's no need, as folks say, to reinvent the wheel. But you have to add to what your website carries so that your prospects and customers return to your site often for fresh new information—and repeated buying opportunities.

Most organizations are aware of this, and today many sites have dynamic content such as blogs and events calendars, and integration with social media. It has become common knowledge that writing and posting keyword-rich articles on your site and in blogs can improve seach engine optimization dramatically. But the question remains about content, the time to create it, and its quality. This has become increasingly important as Google and other search engines are developing their algorithms and systems around relevance and quality, and ways to beat keyword gaming so users can more easily find what they're seeking.

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