More insights on Internet marketing

By Dave Turner

Late last year I published an article based on an interview I did with Internet marketing expert Sarah Benoit of Another Internet marketing expert, Lance Wig of, added a few of his own insights, which I thought you'd find valuable as well.

"Many of the things Sarah goes over are points that I often preach such as, 'What is your target market?', 'What other mediums of marketing are you following?,' 'Write content that humans enjoy but machines can also index well,' and most of all, 'SEO is hard work and ONGOING.' The article is a nice quick taste of what to do, but there are some deeper things I often suggest that were not mentioned," said Lance. 

His recommendations:
  • Testimonials on selling pages, perhaps on a side bar on all pages. "You need to reinforce your reputation of reliability and customer satisfaction and what better way than experiences from previous satisfied customers," he said. "This helps to get the conversion, basically a sale or an RFP."
  • Targeted keyword landing pages. "I usually suggest targeting one key term and a town name, if running a local campaign. For instance, make a page for 'Lawn Mowing service in Cary, NC' even though the company covers a dozen towns in that area. Landing pages index quicker because they have a precise target."
  • Keyword density. "Your target term should show up most often in the body text, without being obnoxious," Lance said. "Your target term and town should be in the web page title and also the paragraph title. I can't stress enough the use of town names when targeting locally."
  • Blogging. "Finally, remember that blogging or writing relevant articles to your site can increase traffic and so-called 'stickiness' by over 50 percent," he said. "People find the article by Google search and then move on to other portions of your site to see other services. A twelve page site is fine, but having over 100 pages indexed in the Google database increases your visibility 10-fold."

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