Think your website goals are limited by your budget? Think again.

Even with the various templates that are out there allowing small businesses to build their own websites, many are frustrated with the results and wish they could have a functional site that doesn't look DIY. At the same time, in these tight financial times, the possibilities are limited by budget. Or are they?

In my other life as a performing singer-songwriter, I have discovered a musician-tailored website service that is so flexible and bundled with so many capabilities that it can work wonders for all kinds of businesses. For example, in addition to and, I used it to build And its content management system (CMS) is a breeze. For $20 a month, users have hosting plus access to a custom design system with a full range of capabilities: audio and video, e-commerce, blog, email campaigns, social media integration, search engine optimization, email, photo gallery with light boxes, events calendar, custom online forms and polls, guest book and forum.

This system—along with my own expertise and resources in copywriting, editing, HTML and design—can be very cost-effective and perform exceptionally well for small businesses. Right now I'm using it to write and build sites for a non-profit in New York City and a recording studio in North Carolina, and I'm offering this service to other small businesses.

If you're not satisfied with your website and wish you could have a better Internet presence, but feel constrained by your budget, contact me at 828-713-9206 or email me today at for details on this new service. I'm sure I can help you achieve better results online—quickly and inexpensively.

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